Wedding Coordinator vs. Venue Coordinator: Wedding Planning Roles Simplified

By: Jessica Pope and Erin Kametz

If you are newly engaged the scene may go a little like this: hugs, congratulations, friends and family oohing over your gorgeous ring. Then the questions begin: Have you decided on a date yet? Where will you have your wedding? What is your theme? And the list goes on. You may feel your excitement wane and your panic increase tenfold. A day which is supposed to be joyful soon becomes overwhelmingly stressful. The wedding industry has many professionals who are available to help. If you are unsure what type of help you need, EMK Events is here to simplify it for you.

After you set a wedding date, it is best to book your venue as soon as possible. If the venue you select offers a Venue Coordinator, their services can be a great help to you but please be aware they will come with limitations. If there are vendors you choose who are not associated with the venue or details of your day you need to plan outside of the event at the venue, this will be outside of the scope of a Venue Coordinator’s responsibilities. The same goes for your ceremony. If you choose to have your ceremony at a different location than the reception venue, the Venue Coordinator would not be involved in that part of your planning. Please remember, they are employed by the venue and although they will work with you to ensure your requests are met at the venue, they will not offer you everything a Wedding Coordinator would.

A Venue Coordinator will be beneficial when it comes to planning room layout, coordinating the catering if offered onsite and making the venue employees aware of your plans including set up and clean up. Venue Coordinators typically stay until the food has been served or the cake has been cut. If you want someone who will support you from the start of your day until the end, you may want to look into hiring a Wedding Coordinator.

A Wedding Coordinator is chosen by you and will put your best interests first. Their services include assistance with details both related and not related to the venue. This will especially come in handy if you select vendors such as a photographer or DJ who may not be associated with the venue. A Wedding Coordinator will be there for you through the entire planning process and when your big day arrives, he or she will be by your side from morning till night ensuring your special day is everything you dreamed it would be (and more).

If the idea of having this type of assistance makes you breathe a sigh of relief, a Wedding Coordinator may be just what you need to make your wedding as beautiful and charming as you. Your Wedding Coordinator and Venue Coordinator will work together while planning your special day to make sure every aspect of your wedding is perfect. They are truly the superheroes of the wedding world. Congratulations on your engagement; let the planning commence!


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