Announcing Your Engagement


By Jessica Pope and Erin Kametz

Photo Credit: Billy Cress

Congratulations! He liked it and he put a ring on it. Now you anxiously want to share your news and shout your love from the rooftops, but you are not quite sure how to go about it. Don’t fret; EMK Events is here to help. Here are a few ways to share your special announcement:

Kickin’ It Old School

Lovebirds have been announcing their engagements in the newspaper since Jane Austen’s day. Typically announcements in the newspaper are made by someone other than the bride and groom. Traditionally if the parents of the bride and groom are hosting the wedding, the announcement is made from their point of you. The announcement can include information about your education, career, etc. and the same for your groom. If you know the date of your wedding, you can mention it as well. For example, you could write: “A June wedding is planned”.

Instagram Worthy

With the age of social media, pictures seem to be worth even more than a thousand words. If you would like professional pictures of you and your hubby-to-be basking in your post-engagement romantic glow, you can hire a photographer to do an engagement photo session with you. You can use this as an opportunity to test out a photographer you may be considering for your wedding day. Feel free to make it fun and reflect your personalities. You can even re enact the swoon worthy moment in which he got down on one knee. Once you have purchased the pictures (and the rights), you can post them on social media as a way to announce your engagement to your friends and family in the cyber world.

If you would prefer not to go the professional photo route, you can always share your own photos. If you had someone on hand to snag a photo of your fiance proposing in the moment or to capture photos of you both afterwards, these would be perfect snapshots to use in your engagement announcement. There are other clever ways you could spread the news, such as taking a picture drinking out of a mug (held by your hand wearing your new bling, of course) which says “Does this ring make me look engaged?”. You could also pose with a sign that says “I am going to be a [insert future last name here]”, “She said yes”, etc. or pick something completely unique to you and your fiance.

Be There or Be Square

Save-the-date cards are a great way to announce your engagement and your wedding date at the same time. Once you pick your wedding date (check out EMK Events Blog Series Part 2 coming soon for more information), you can design save-the-date cards to send out to the people you intend to invite to your wedding. Many sites have save-the-date magnets available too, because who wouldn’t want to see your smiling face every morning when they reach for the coffee creamer? If you had engagement pictures taken, they would be perfect for the design of the save-the-date announcement. If you do not have engagement photos, look for a website which has pre-made templates and designs to choose from when ordering.

Keep in mind, there may be loved ones who know about the engagement before anyone else. Don’t be afraid to ask them not to share the news before you get a chance to do it. It would be a bit disappointing if they stole your thunder while you were planning the perfect way to announce your big news. Congratulations again on your engagement. We hope you come back to read more of our blog series which will take you step-by-step from engagement to “I do”. Happy planning!