How to choose a Wedding Planner

The greatest part of the wedding industry is that everyone you work with has a common goal, to make your day spectacular! They go out and put their best foot forward to help your day be as beautiful as you imagined.

So how do you choose which wedding planner to work with? You should choose them based on how well you trust them, can they meet all of your needs (as well as your budget) and most importantly, do you mesh well with them. Let’s break these 3 items apart.

First, the trust factor. You should feel comfortable enough with your wedding planner to trust their advice, processes and decisions. Ask as many wedding related questions as you can. The planner you are inquiring with, will happily answer all of them. If you feel the trust is there, book them!

Second, meeting all of your needs. You may receive recommendations for a planner but realize they don’t offer the services you really need. If they only offer full planning services and you’re looking for wedding day management, that’s ok! Explain this to them and they may even be able to recommend a planner that can help with what you are looking for! You’ll also need to take your budget into consideration. A seasoned planner may have higher prices. This is not to rip you off, but rather because they are well sought after and have a limit on how many couples they take on each year. Comparing two planners based off of pricing is extremely difficult. They will both have different personalities, processes and experience.

Lastly, Meshing well. This is important! In some instances, especially with full wedding planning packages, you and your planner will be communicating very often. If you prefer a more professional approach, and that helps your trust factor, choose a planner that makes you feel like you will build an amazing professional relationship. If you’re looking for a planner who is more casual and you want your interactions with them to be more on a friend level, then find that person! Choose someone who can give you that “we just became best friends” feel!

I hope this helps!

Best Wishes,


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